Yvonne Sinniah is a Community Developer, Expert Facilitator, Public Speaker and Writer.  She brings both her passion and expertise in connecting and developing people and communities so they are able to achieve their highest potential.  Yvonne has refined and continues to refine the art of creating high-performing spaces that enable increased connection, generative thinking and the implementation of necessary actions and solutions.  People and organizations that have required Yvonne's support and leadership have been able to effectively achieve greater outcomes in a sustainable manner.

Yvonne completed her Masters in Business Administration and Certificate in Facilitative Leadership and applies a business and practical mindset to ensure success in any plans that are put in place.  Strategic thinking is a key asset in her work while enabling individuals and teams to think through the operational aspects of their next steps.  A unique aspect of Yvonne's work is her ability to talk about topics that are needed and at times considered taboo to discuss.  This has allowed her audience to connect on real-life human matters while discussing the best ways to rise above trying times.  Yvonne's strength is her ability to have the difficult conversations required for people and teams to get to a greater level of performance. 


Much of Yvonne’s work with you will be catered based on your first initial consult with her.  Yvonne offers her expertise to enhance individuals and organizations through one-one consultation sessions, team facilitations, speaking engagements and producing inspirational spaces for you or your audience.  So feel free to contact Yvonne directly and express how you would like to engage her to achieve your vision. 

What some happy clients say:  

"Yvonne has a passion to inspire people and get their spirits fired up.  I have seen her talk about simple frameworks and topics and get the crowd engaged so walk away with meaningful lessons while enjoying the space.  I recommend Yvonne for any space that wants a motivational voice"


- Veronica R..

"Yvonne is a seasoned speaker and has not only been on my talk show but also at a number of media appearances that require her to think and engage the audience on the fly.  She is always well prepared and puts my mind at ease so I can have a good time when she is on my show"


- Randy P.

"Yvonne is intentional in her work. She listens to my goals and what I want and starts the process of outlining next steps in a way that works for me and my pace. I have also seen her speak at a number of spaces that have enabled the audience to walk away with great life and career tips"


- Karen R.